"Helping people know

and follow Jesus together."


The work of God is a team effort.  God provides gifts, talents and life experiences so that each of us can uniquely contribute to the growth of the Whole church.  At RBC we say "every member is a minister", meaning everyone member should be serving and sharing in the work of ministry.  

A great way to get started is by filling out a

M.A.P. Ministry Account Profile.     

After completing the profile bring it by the office, or hand it to Pastor Brian who can connect you with one of our ministry leaders.  

Another way of getting involved is to be apart of one of our serving teams: 

Parking/ Greeting-  Be Among the first to welcome our church family and guests in the parking lot.  Needed BOTH Sunday and Wednesday nights! This is an All-Weather Job!

Grounds - Help our grounds (yards and gardens) to bloom in worship to Jesus!

Set up team - Help to set up the church facility for Special Events, ect! 

Special cleaning - Help with special cleaning needs! 

Bus Team (Wed & Sunday) -Need drivers and adult riders to serve on Wednesday nights AND Sunday Mornings! 

Office Support - Help as needed with administrative needs! Keep your pastors sane! 

Tech Team -We need to multiply sound and video technicians for Sunday mornings and Special events! 

Construction Team - Commit now to helping with the effort to "Raise the Roof" on the South Campus (new roof and some renovation inside)! 

Sign Up at Church or contact the office.