"Helping people know

and follow Jesus together."



FUSION is what happens on Thursday Nights during the school year when students from all over our area fuse together with Jesus and each other to form something new and awesome. Thursday Nights are high-energy, featuring (1) live, passionate, student-led worship, (2) dynamic, relevant challenges from the Bible, and (3) interactive small group discussions. We meet at RBC South Campus from 7-8:30pm. Our Cafe--with table games, video games, snack bar--opens at 6:30 and closes at 9pm.

One of the best parts of FUSION is the multitude of adult leaders there who are committed to providing the safest ministry context possible and to building healthy, Christ-focused relationships with students. Most leaders are “small group leaders,” as every student who attends FUSION is placed in a small group with a leader who seeks to know, encourage, pray for, and care for students on more personal levels.