Covid-19 Update

Beginning Sunday, August 9th our Nursery and Kidzone ministry will begin to re-open.

The same guidelines currently in place for our adult gatherings,
will also be in place for our children's ministries.  
 Masks will be required (except for children 2 and under).

Space will be limited due to social distancing guidelines.  

Pre-registration will be required each week for nursery and Kidzone. Register online at our church website.  
Registration will open Sunday afternoon for the following week.
Nursery drop off will begin at 10:35am.
Kidzone kids (Pre-k to 5th grade)  will sit with their parents until
being dismissed from the service before the message.  
Our staff will make every effort to follow the guidelines. However, due to the fact that “kids will be kids,” we cannot guarantee that social distancing will be followed  throughout the entire time a child is in Nursery or Kidzone.


Currently our services  are online and in-person.  With 33% capacity allowed, we have had plenty of space this past Sunday
and anticipate to have adequate space available in worship center and even more space as overflow in the gym.
We also ask that if you come to service, you graciously embrace with us the guidelines we are to follow.

 Please wear a mask while you are in the building and limit bathroom use by using yours at home before you come.
As a reminder we do not have child-care during this initial stage of opening.
Doors open at 10:30am and the service starts at 10:45am.
As a reminder there are no children's ministries during this phase.
We know that most people will still be gathering online, and in this season that is a perfectly fine way to connect with us.
If you’ve been sick, or someone in your household is sick or has a fever, it is important that you stay home and watch the live.
If you are interested in joining us in person on Sunday Morning, this video will help you understand how our current set-up looks like.