Sunday Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Sunday mornings kids of all ages have a place to learn, grow and experience God in a personal way at RBC.  Our volunteers have been trained in sharing, teaching and shaping the hearts of kids for Jesus at a young age.  They have also been certified by our Ministry Safe training and background checks to ensure your children have safe and positive experience in our ministries.  

At this time pre-registration will be required each week for Nursery and Kid Zone.

Registration will open Sunday afternoon for the following week.
Space is limited.
The same guidelines currently in place for our adult gatherings,
will also be in place for our children's ministries.
Masks will be required (except children age 2 and under).

Our staff will make every effort to follow the guidelines. However, due to the fact that “kids will be kids,” we cannot guarantee that social distancing will be followed  throughout the entire time a child is in Nursery or Kid Zone.

Nursery drop off will begin at 10:35am.
Kid Zone kids (Pre-k to 5th grade) will sit with their parents until
being dismissed from the service before the message.
Check-in will be in the foyer prior to the Worship Service.

Kid Zone Sunday Mornings

9:15am - 10:15am

Kids Zone is a Sunday morning program for kids Pre- K - 5th grade that runs all morning.  During the 9:15-10:15am hour kids get discipleship classes that fit their grade level with an appropriate multi-media lesson.

10:15am - 12pm

Kids Zone during the worship service offers snacks, high energy activities, skits, kids worship songs and large group lesson followed by small groups.

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